Used Ford Cars, Trucks and SUVs for Sale in Flushing

Affordable Used Fords

We would like to extend a special invitation to every driver in and around the Flushing, MI area. You're invited to come out to our lot and experience the shopping experience you can have with us at Joel's Carz. Our selection of pre-owned Ford trucks and SUVs is sure to present a new-to-you ride for every one of our current customers as well as every new customer who chooses to do business with us, so make sure to check out our featured options!

Our team of experienced sales professionals and customer care representatives is dedicated to providing the most attentive and respectful service to all our customers. Our business believes that our whole operation should be customer-centric. This means that helping you find the pre-owned vehicle of your dreams is at our very core. We value our customers and we appreciate your business. We also understand that life happens. We know that not everyone has the funds for a brand-new vehicle. We want you to know that shouldn't mean that you have to go without reliable transportation around Davison.

With our dedication to serving Mt. Morris, MI with knowledgeable, understanding service, we're proud to provide used Ford automobiles to the area. Our pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles are rigorously examined and tested to assure each one has the quality and reliability that every driver deserves. We provide a selection of respectable vehicles at our dealership, making sure that you can find the class and style you want during the buying process. While we have a large number of used models available, we want to highlight three of our favorite choices from our pre-owned Ford inventory at Joel's Carz:

  • The Ford Escape: A slightly smaller but quite spacious SUV
  • The Ford Edge: An up-sized SUV with more power and plenty of room
  • The Ford F-150: An iconic pickup truck with comfort and power

The Escape

Although this is among Ford's smallest SUVs, the Escape's four-cylinder engine is still powerful enough to tow up to 2,000 pounds with the right package equipped. Inside the cabin, there's plenty of room for up to five passengers. Additionally, the Escape has ample cargo space available for whatever you need to carry along. This is a perfect ride for singles, couples, families with just a couple kids or a small work crew. Travelling along the highways near Flushing, MI, the fuel economy in an Escape can reach up to 30 city mpg and over 40 mpg on the highways, depending on the model year.

The Edge

For larger families and crews, or if you have passengers in your ride more often than you ride solo, then you may decide that your needs call for a larger vehicle with more power under the hood. We encourage you to come and explore the comfort available in a sporty Ford Edge. This mid-sized SUV can two over 2,200 pounds on a trailer, and, although some of them are equipped with a modest four-cylinder, they're more commonly equipped with an exciting V6. Even with the added power, you can expect your Ford Edge to get almost 20 mpg in towns like Grand Blanc while enjoying closer to 25 on the highways.

The Ford F-150

Arguably the most iconic and legendary pickup truck, this amazing full-size truck can be equipped with either a V6 or V8 gas powered engine, or a diesel fueled motor known as a Power Stroke diesel V8. These pre-owned trucks can carry up to 2,300 pounds in the bed as a payload. Alternatively, an F-150 can pull around 8,000 pounds of trailer weight through Flushing, MI when it's properly equipped.

Don't hesitate to come down to Joel's Carz to see all our used Ford models. You can also enjoy high-quality used models from other brands, like the Jeep Wrangler.

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