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Start doing business with a collision center in the Flint, MI area that you can trust with We have a fantastic team of high-level technicians that are here to help you troubleshoot and mitigate all of your collision claims and concerns. You shouldn't have to worry about how you're going to repair major damage to your vehicle; with our team, we will diagnose and repair your model at a competitive price. Learn more about what we can offer our Clio, MI area shoppers today, and then start your personalized collision repair process.

A Few Reasons You Might Enlist the Help of Our Collision Team

many people think of a car accident when they think of collision repairs. Sure, this is a common form of damage to many vehicles, and it might be the reason you need to come into our collision center to get work done. However, several other things could happen to damage your vehicle that we're experts in taking care of. For example, you might have a cracked windshield due to a flying pebble on the highway. Damage to your windshield is not only a danger to your daily driving from a visibility perspective, but it's also illegal to have a dinged or cracked windshield and could cause you to get pulled over.

We also get several customers who come into our collision center following hail damage. Hail isn't terribly uncommon in the Michigan area, and when it happens, it can be devastating to your vehicle if you get caught in the bad weather. While this type of damage can be covered by insurance, we offer competitive hail damage repairs with our expert technology. Explore some of our specifies here:

  • Collision repairs to the exterior body of your vehicle
  • Collision repairs to the interior of your vehicle
  • Body repairs with genuine parts, paint-matching technology, and more
  • Windshield repair with tinting
  • Hail damage repair
  • Paint scratches or dents

Why You Can Place Your Trust in Us

One of the major benefits of working with our collision center is that we're attached to a dealership that exclusively sells used cars. This means that you'll reap the perks of a team that has a wide range of knowledge on all makes and models, not just one lineup. To add to that, the team here at takes your satisfaction seriously. We're known for taking bad damage and turning it around into a vehicle that looks like it just drove off the lot. You'll also experience exclusively genuine parts when we repair your vehicle, backed by a large service center with dozens of state-of-the-art service bays. Whether your truck needs its windshield replaced or your sedan needs a new bumper, we've got the paint-matching technology and advanced tools to address your vehicle's needs specifically.

If you've been in a bad accident or have endured some other type of damage that requires you to file an insurance claim, we can help you with this process. We're comfortably deciphering the terms of your claim to provide you with the service agreed upon with the other party and the insurance company for a transparent and straightforward process.

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