Joel's Carz wants to help you prepare for the holidays by offering Holiday Travel Service for all vehicles.

As a used-car dealership outside Davison, we're well acquainted with all makes and models. So, when servicing is performed at our state-of-art facility, you're getting the benefit of certified technicians whose expertise is extensive. This especially true when it comes to winter servicing in time for holiday traveling.

Holiday Travel Service at Joel's Carz Near Mt. Morris

By having very simple, seasonally appropriate servicing performed before venturing to the grandparents, you're helping to ensure safety and desired performance during inclement weather.

That's why the various aspects of Holiday Travel Service performed at Joel's Carz are essential. The result is a well-prepared car and driver.

So, let's explore those facets to Holiday Travel Service performed daily at Joel's Carz:

Oil Changes

It's best practice before each season to have the oil changed in your vehicle. And with the added stressors of colder temperatures and road surfaces covered by ice or snow, your engine will be overworked.

By installing fresh engine oil, you're providing all internal engine parts the needed lubrication for smooth operation and consistent gas mileage.

Brake Systems Inspected

All brake system parts of rotors, calipers and pads see extreme wear given location.

With road salt and winter moisture comes corrosiveness, which is then noted in a shuddering or grinding when applying the brakes. It's at this time you'll need to have your brake system inspected with parts replaced as necessary.

Tire Rotations

Tire rotations as part of Joel's Carz' Holiday Travel Service offer an opportune time for our technicians to inspect each tire while rotated from well-to-well. Certain patterns of wear may signal issues elsewhere with wheel alignment or axles.

Tires may also experience cracking or creasing along sidewalls. And should this be noted, tire replacements would be highly recommended. This may save you from a blowout at high speeds when traveling late into Christmas Eve.

Though if everything is deemed healthy with proper tire integrity intact, frequent tire rotations help to mitigate future tread wear.

Vehicle Battery Servicing

Colder temperatures significantly weaken vehicle batteries. And you'll never want to be stranded when traveling during the holiday season with a dead battery.

When having your vehicle battery serviced at Joel's Carz, testing will be performed to determine strength and storage capacity. Any battery too worn for continued service should be replaced quickly.

Fluid Replenishment

Certain systems of heating, steering, brakes and wipers require ample levels of fresh fluids for proper functioning of related parts.

To ensure you've got enough wiper fluid to wipe free windshields of road salt, have your blades inspected for sharpness while all fluids are topped off accordingly.

Air Filter Inspections

Engines and cabins need proper filters for the intake of clean air. With inspections performed, our technicians will then provide you with examples of filter deterioration and what's entering both engine and cabin.

Winter leaves much debris on road surfaces, so filter replacement during Holiday Travel Servicing at Joel's Carz is an essential aspect to traveling performance and comfort.

Headlight, Taillamp Examinations

While often overlooked as a servicing procedure, make sure headlights and taillamps are emitting proper light and casing integrity is upheld.

Should there be cracks in casing, it could provide just enough space for winter rain to short-out bulbs. Consequently, waning winter days will prove difficult to navigate – especially during inclement weather.

Joel's Carz – Home to Holiday Travel Service Near Flushing

Visit our local Davison area service department and get prepared for holiday traveling with our comprehensive, Holiday Travel Service regime. Safety remains paramount with each procedure performed.

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